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Water sports in Mallorca

Discover the best water sports you can practice in Mallorca during the summer

Water sports in Mallorca


Water sports become one of the major tourist attractions in Mallorca during the summer season, the days of sun and beach are over, now people are looking for new options to have fun during the beach season in Mallorca. Sports such as paddle surfing or kayaking have become some of the most popular among tourists and residents who visit the island during the summer season because they are very original as well as complete. Today at Mll Hotels we bring you the most popular water sports in Mallorca. Make a note!


One of the sports that has become increasingly popular in recent years in Mallorca and that is gaining fans year after year. All you need is a pair of glasses and a snorkel. This is one of the best ways to discover the beauty of the waters of Mallorca and the fauna that inhabits the beaches.



This is a type of canoeing where a two-leaf paddle is used for rowing and in which several crew members can go inside it. It consists of sitting on this boat and with the impulse of the oar to move on the sea. On days when the sea is calm, it is a real delight to stroll along its waters. The price to practice this modality is very variable depending on the tourist area and the number of crew members of the boat.

Stand Up Paddle Surf

It is the trend sport of the summer and has become one of the main tourist attractions of the beach areas. The sport is so simple that all you have to do is keep your balance on a wide, stable surfboard and move around with a paddle. Another interesting modality to take into account and taking advantage of the board and the need for balance is the YOGA SUP, which combines paddle surfing with yoga.

Catamaran Bikes

Consiste en instalar una bicicleta sobre una plataforma flotante con forma de catamarán y pedalear para poder desplazarse sobre el mar. El precio para poder realizar la actividad dependerá muy mucho de la temporada de la isla.


En este deporte acuático se combina la diversión y la adrenalina. Consiste en conectar una tabla con botas integradas a la toma de agua de una moto acuática y utilizar su fuerza para propulsarse hacia arriba. El control se ejerce desde los pies y es de poca dificultad, pero requiere de equilibrio y práctica. El precio para la práctica de esta actividad es de unos 70 euros aproximadamente.


This modality, known as water skiing, consists of sliding over the water on top of an atabla being dragged with a rope by a boat.

This type of sport is usually practiced in calm lakes to avoid the waves and to be able to place platforms where you can do pirouettes and jumps, but that does not prevent this sport from being practiced on the island. The price also varies according to the tourist season and there are classes for both beginners and experts.


Although it is a much more common sport in areas of Tarifa or Fuerteventura, it has gradually gained followers in Mallorca. It consists of sliding on the waves with a board using the impulse of the air that propels a kite that is attached to the body with a harness. The wind conditions in summer in the Bay are excellent for the practice of this type of sports thanks to the winds land-sea and sea-land that allow you to do it for many days a year. In addition, thanks to the wind it makes it much easier to acquire the basic techniques for those who want to begin in this sport. The price of the classes is around 45 euros



Mallorca has become one of the most popular destinations for surfers, as the climate and the type of coastline on the island favour surfing most days of the year. This sport, originally from Hawaii, consists of doing acrobatics on a wave while standing on a board. The most common beaches and where you can see a good amount of surfers practicing their favorite sport are Son Serra de Marina, Cala Mesquida and Cala Torta.


It is a sport that consists of sliding on the waves on a polyethylene board. Just like surfing, Mallorca is an ideal location for this type of sport because of the waves that come most of the year and the warm temperatures that allow you to practice it all year round, even with neoprene. The prices of the classes are around 25 euros.



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