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The best theme parks in Mallorca

Discover the best options to have fun on the island

In Mallorca you will not lack the options to have fun, and it is that there are multiple theme parks with which the island has, undoubtedly, during your summer vacation these amusement parks will be the best option to have fun on the island. The variety is wide and is that in Mallorca you will be able to enjoy different types of parks specially designed for fun of all ages. Mallorca will never cease to amaze you thanks to the number of plans to be made, whether in a water park or an adventure park. This holiday do not miss the magic of the island and reserve your stay in one of our MLL hotels. In this post we discover the best amusement parks in Mallorca.


1. Western Water Park


Western Water Park is a fantastic water park set in the far west, where you can indulge your imagination like an Indian or a cowboy. Western Water Park is located in Magalluf, 15 minutes by car from Palma.


This water park is one of the best in Mallorca thanks to its fun ambience and its fascinating water slides and water attractions. The boomerang is one of the best attractions, and is that its fall from 15 meters high will remove the hiccups. You decide whether you bang yourself or convince someone to fuck you.


Western Water Park will challenge you with its tall slides and draw your attention to itself thanks to its facilities, which perfectly match the natural setting and surprise you with their creative design, which combines with the best versions of Western cinema.


This aquatic park combines 3 themed areas that will leave no one indifferent: Western Land, which simulates the wild west; El Paso, with an atmosphere reminiscent of the border crossing between Mexico and the U. S.; and Indian Town, which is inspired by the ancient villages where the Indians lived.


2. Aqualand


Aqualand Water Park is the largest water park in Mallorca. Located in the Arenal, very close to our Mediterranean Bay and Caribbean Bay hotels.


It has different areas with games where you will give free rein to your fun. The attraction of the Kamikaze and Tornado, are some of the most spectacular with its slides of great heights. We advise you to try the King Cobra, the most spectacular aquatic attraction, as it simulates a great cobra of colors.


Aqualand is made up of 15 waterspaces and more than 40 slides distributed in its 150,000 m². It also has an attraction that simulates a river that is perfect for those who want to enjoy a refreshing bath.


Aqualand is much more than a simple aquatic park, it also has other leisure options such as: museum of old typewriters, mini-zoological, shows with parrots, children\'s farm and resting places.


3. Hidropark


Hidropark is located in the northern part of Mallorca, specifically in Alcudia. This water park has a chill out area in the interior and a mini golf course. This water park is one of the most spectacular because of its impressive colorful slides, of different heights that rise to the sky.


Hidropark covers 40,000m², including a saltwater pool, another wave pool, multitrack and miniature golf course.


The good thing about this water park is that if you don\'t feel like bathing, you can always stay dry thanks to the variants it offers such as miniature golf and the Chill Out area.


4. Jungle Parc


Jungle Parc is such a spectacular amusement park that it has been considered the best in the Balearic Islands and the second best in Spain. This adventure park located in a 9-hectare pine forest in Santa Ponsa has different circuits and a total of 134 platforms and games in height.


You will have a great time with these circuits where you will spend an hour without touching the ground. Ready to move from tree to tree several meters high? You will cross bridges, vines, nets, and many zip lines.


In Jungle Parc you will find 3 different types of routes where you can release adrenaline to the maximum. There is one route for children, the Pirate route, and two circuits for adults with the Explorer and Extreme route. The Extreme only advise you to try it if you are very fit, because it will undoubtedly put your athletic capabilities to the limit.


Jungle Parc is the ideal amusement park if you go in a group and dare to have fun.


Escape Room


Escape Room is an opportunity to feel like you\'re in a Hollywood thriller, yet this game is very real. With different types of missions, you and your friends should find the solution to leave a locked room through clues and hidden keys.


You will have to pull your wits to escape from these rooms that will undoubtedly push your conditions to the limit. Not everyone achieves the goal of getting out of the room, but if you are one of the lucky ones, let\'s see how long you can solve the problem.


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