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Mallorca from the sea
Mallorca is an ideal place for lovers of "water sports" and aquatic and/or nautical activities.

Water sports, a sea of possibilities

Mallorca, apart from being a destination known by those who enjoy the beach and its seafaring tradition, is an ideal place for lovers of "water sports" and aquatic and/or nautical activities.

This little piece of paradise, with coasts bathed by the Mediterranean sea, has all the necessary conditions for sailing, water skiing, diving, jet skiing and surfing. On the island, windsurfers will also be able to practice this sport, although to a lesser extent, as winds do not usually exceed force 6.

All the ports of Mallorca, starting with Palma, are prepared for these activities. For this reason, hundreds of residents and tourists take advantage of the climate and the possibilities offered by the island to practise water sports or take sailing routes to discover Mallorca from the sea, practise sports at sea or simply enjoy a day of sailing.

Water sports are very common activities in Mallorca, hotels and services are prepared to combine a stay with the practice of this type of activities, both in Palma and the other ports of Mallorca. The sea is rather calm during a good part of the year, there are no shortage of ports in case of needing refuge, and the views of the coast of Mallorca are magnificent. In Mallorca there are excellent boat rental services of all kinds and offers more activities than you can imagine.


Discovering Mallorca from the sea

To enjoy the sea in a more relaxed way, you can go around Mallorca, departing from Playa de Palma or any other port, sailing on a charter boat and visiting a beach or cove inaccessible on foot, or reach the island of Cabrera to discover a new landscape, different from that of Mallorca.

There are numerous nautical clubs along the Balearic coast that offer moorings or the possibility of renting a boat with or without a skipper. Mallorca offers boat trips for all budgets. Sailing, cruises, charter, even the possibility of participating in regattas of height.

To enjoy water sports, activity and adrenaline, and be able to combine it with comfort and rest, it is ideal to have hotels near the coast.


Learn to sail in Mallorca, suitable for all audiences

It doesn't matter if you are an expert or a beginner. In Mallorca you can do any water sport no matter what level you have - it's always a good time to start! And this paradise will surprise you even more from the water.

If you want to start or have little experience in sailing, there are many schools and nautical centres on the island with good offers for groups, families or to practice individually. So if you're thinking about sailing, don't hesitate anymore. All of these schools in Palma and other parts of the Mallorca coast offer individual and group introductory courses and even packages of practical water sports classes per week.


Diving in Mallorca, an unforgettable experience

Mallorca has one of the most impressive sea beds in the world. Diving in Mallorca is undoubtedly one of the experiences that both lovers of this sport and lovers of the sea and its secrets should not miss.

If you spend several days on the island, spending a day sailing and discovering the nature of the Mediterranean sea that bathes the beaches of Mallorca, will make your holiday an unforgettable experience.

For those who already practice sports such as diving, with a maximum depth of 30 metres and located in Cala Ratjada, you will find Es Faralló, better known as "EI Gran Queso" (The Big Cheese). This place is, in a word, spectacular. The Great Cheese is an island of hollow rock, pregnant with holes and tunnels and whose coves can be said to have the best play of light of the whole island.

To practice other types of water sports in Mallorca, such as water skiing, jet skiing or surfing, in all the beaches of a certain size of Mallorca, including those of Playa de Palma, there are interesting offers to rent these services at good prices.

It is clear, if you come to Mallorca, the fun is assured with the infinity of experiences and water sports that offers this Balearic paradise.

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