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Mallorca, an island to be eaten

Discover the best dishes of Mallorcan gastronomy


Mallorca, an island to be eaten


In addition to its natural beauty, dreamlike villages, coves and almost unspoilt beaches, or excursions in the mountains, Mallorca has also conquered international tourism with its gastronomy. If we think of Mallorca and food, the first thing that comes to mind is probably ensaimadas and sobrassada. But there are also other very popular products on the island and just as delicious as the sausages, snails or bread with tomato and oil that delights many breakfasts. So if you're a passionate foodie and you're visiting Mallorca during this Easter Week, get to know the more traditional recipes, which may not be so popular, but if you're visiting the island we recommend you try them:



1. Trampó

The trampó is a salad with tomato, green pepper and onion, all finely chopped, together with oil and salt. Very simple and extremely healthy as well as tasty and refreshing. It is ideal to try it for when it is hot in summer. You can also find coca de trampó which is spectacular.


2. Tumbet

If there is a "typical recipe of Mallorca", easy to make and with very healthy and economical ingredients, it is Tumbet. A very typical dish in Mallorca, which is made up of abundant seasonal vegetables such as aubergines, potatoes, red peppers and tomatoes. It is usually served as a side dish for other dishes such as meat, eggs or fish.


3. Roast piglet in Majorcan style

A common dish at parties and celebrations in Mallorca, such as Christmas. In Mallorquin, piglets are called by the word porçella, in feminine, and hence their translation by piglet.


4. Mallorcan Soup

Very popular in Mallorcan gastronomy, hence its name, although with many variations. It is made with vegetables and is accompanied by slices of very thinly sliced dry farmhouse bread. Normally there is no lack of onion, pepper or cabbage. It is a perfect avocado to enjoy with the family and also has no animal fat. It is good, healthy and nutritious. Ideal for any time of the year.


5. Mallorcan Frito

It is a traditional recipe from Mallorca, also very popular with tourists, in which the meat, the pluck, the liver and the cooked blood of an animal such as pork, lamb or lamb are used. It is one of the first recipes that exist on the island and which is known to exist at least since the fourteenth century


6. Brut rice

It is a very spicy rice broth with meat (usually poultry and game) and seasonal vegetables added to it. The dish can be presented with different variations, so you can also find it with snails or sobrassada, for example. The name of the brut rice, which in Mallorcan means "dirty", comes precisely from the abundant mixture of ingredients that "dirty" the broth.


7. Quartos embetumats

After all the previous dishes, it is the turn of the sweet with a typical dessert from Palma de Mallorca, which is known to have been made in the 19th century. It is a very light and fluffy sponge cake, filled with candied egg yolk and covered with meringue or chocolate.

8. Cremadillos

Another very typical Mallorcan sweet. They are pastries in the shape of pastries that can be found with various sweet or savoury fillings, being very popular the pastry cream fillings.


9. Robiols

The Robiols are a typical dessert of Mallorca during the Christmas and Easter holidays. They are sweet and are filled with cottage cheese, jam, flan or angel hair.


10. Panades

Flour, lard, water and olive oil are the basic ingredients in the preparation of the dough, although there is no good baker who doesn't have his secrets to give them such a different and particular taste. Some of those secrets so jealously guarded for centuries are not to use your fists while kneading the pasta or some extra ingredient, such as raw ensaïmada. In the filling, peas are generally used accompanied by various types of meat, such as pork, lamb, chicken or rabbit, depending on the preferences of each one. In many localities, panades are also prepared with various types of fish, such as tuna or mussola.




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