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Clubs in the Arenal area

Find out the best clubs in the Arenal area

Live the best nights of summer dancing and sharing good times in the best clubs in Arenal. When you will leave your hotel, you will find the most fascinating nightlife in this well-known tourist area.


What are the best places to dance in Arenal?


Mallorca has different party areas. However, the Arenal area stands out as a meeting point for people of different nationalities who are looking for many options to have fun.

The Arenal during the day is a very busy beach place and at night, it becomes an outdoor disco. In this spot, you will find many clubs of different styles. The most famous nightclubs in Arenal are:


You will have an unforgettable party in this place. You will meet people from different parts of the world and enjoy shows in all corners in this club. Here you will find the best atmosphere with people of all ages, who come together to sing and dance with the best music. This point is also known as a meeting point for German tourists. There is party with good access control, dancers and giant screens.


If you know how to have fun, this is your place. A fantastic club to unwind and spend the night with awesome parties every day of the week.


This disco offers the best electronic music shows. You will have an amazing night with friends or couple.

It's time for the best fun at the Arenal’s clubs.


Style and variety:


The clubs in the Arenal are suitable for everyone so you will find all kinds of music styles, from electronics to the most chill out. It is a spot for everyone to find maximum fun in different pubs such as beach clubs, concert halls and nightclubs.

If you are looking for the best clubs to dance your favorite music you will find a great variety of clubs with many music proposals as rock, pop and very varied styles. You will also find exclusive clubs where you can enjoy amazing live shows of techno, rock or pop style.

Although the discos in the Arenal are well known, the area does not usually produce situations of uncontrol as in other tourist areas of the island.

If you want to explore other areas in Mallorca, we recommend the Palma’s promenade, located just 15 kilometers from the Arenal. This spot is more fancy and known by Spanish people than the Arenal.


Beach Area and Discos:


The Arenal offers numerous nightlife alternatives. You will be found in a youthful atmosphere in summer nights, in an awesome area of white sand beaches and restaurants, bars and shops.

Thousands of tourists want to rest in this place every summer, popularized by its great offer of hotels, sports, gastronomy and also nightlife.

It is no coincidence that people from different parts of Europe decide to spend their holidays in the Arenal and its beautiful beaches, located a few meters from the most famous discos.

The party is assured in these immense places of drinks where the local DJs and other celebrities offer their best shows. In fact, many vacationers opt to live fully into the night until dawn.

You can choose the option that best suits with you. Either way, have fun with the advantages of each nightclubs offer and you will never forget your holidays in Mallorca. Take advantage of the offers and promotions of the season, choose among the holiday proposals for your leisure needs, between environments with music for all tastes and styles.

Don’t wait to book at MLL Hotels to get the best accommodation in the awesome area of Arenal!


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